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Q : What is TPO roofing membrane
A : The TPO roofing membrane has high performance energy features. The clear surface reflects sunligh, therefore energy consumptions of both cooling and heating systems of all categories. The membrane never cracks and never shrinks. It has high-hold time resistance to ultraviolet rays a and it also features a bacterial contamination chemical prevention design. 

Q : Why is TPO roofing membrane better than tar & gravel / elastomeric membrane?
A : When it comes to TPO roofing membrane in comparison to tar & gravel, lightness is the main benefit and makes it considerably more resistant to weight such as snow for the winter or even a roof terrace. Hot air welded, unlike elastomeric membrane, our TPO membrane drastically reducing the risk of accidental fire during the work process. It also helps maintaining fresh temperature of your building for the summer and therefore helps extending your heating and cooling equipment lifespan if they have units located on the rooftop. 

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